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Enjoy my collection of random bits and pieces not to mention the comics.

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Impressive, Awesome, Cool, Amazing Art works that I support and love, no really.

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United Kingdom
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Current Residence: Somewhere in England
Favourite genre of music: Metal / Rock
Favourite style of art: Cartoon / Comic
Favourite cartoon character: Quest (off of World Of Quest)
Personal Quote: Draw For Fun, Not Fame.
Am I alive? Yes, Why have I done another Journal you ask? Because Of overwhelming amounts of Requests and Commissions. There is also that project I am working on...and college...but besides the point.

First Order of Business

Order 66: The Great Request Purge
I have Decided to cancel EVERY request I currently have, expect those that have already got a picture and have yet to be coloured, you will see them soon enough.

Why? College is done playing around with me and wants me to buckle down and pass the damned course, it is delaying me from actual paying commissions, I have that secret project that I would like time to work on and worst of all I have not drawn a comic in a long time.

So yeah you have my deepest apologies if I did not get around to your request. it's hard times at the moment for me.

Under The Radar
As most of you know, I have been very inactive for some time, that is mainly because my activity is more constant on Steam and Skype, because you know I can play games whenever I want now.

My activity is mostly with the Alfa Legion, So if you wish tot contact me if I am not around I will give you my contacts to those other accounts.

Steam: Darkminster The Warp Sorcerer
Skype: Darkminster The Warp Sorcerer

(Note: please tell me who you are before hand)

To Do List
Mako's Commission - 25% Done
Christie's Commission - 10% Done
Shnooze's Request - 50% Done
Scrub Champion's Request - 50%

(To be constantly updated)

Darkminster Out

Ps: Sorry it is not a Comic Journal this time. Once I get these projects and such out the way, I can continue with all the other comics.
  • Listening to: Gorox's Evil Laughs Durring the Skype Calls
  • Reading: All the new noticfactions
  • Watching: Ares suck at games
  • Playing: Dota 2
  • Eating: Everything
  • Drinking: Diet Pepsi

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Was putting it into a comment necessary? Why not just unleash this thing on the world.
JaredtheFox92 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Just a wee bit of heresy I'm working on bruva, it may need some more editing though.

Abbadon’s Awesome Adventure Part 1: The Adventure Begins!

“Even in failure, one can find success.”

One day Abbadon the Despoiler was traveling across the Lands of Solitude during his 8th Black Crusade in order to locate and acquire the ancient mystical “Chaos Emerald” relics to use against the Emperor and the Imperium of man. He ordered an entire company of the Black Legion to accompany him in his quest, including the finest of the Black Legion’s most elite terminator marines to search the planet, as well as his cabal of sorcerer’s that he keeps on feeling the need to remind people of him possessing. As the terminators searched and searched while gunning down anything that moved, including Bambi’s own mother, his cabal eventually were able to gather somewhat of a mystical trail of magical rainbows emitting out a entire heard of magical flying ponies’ rear ends.

“My lord, we have detected a trail of magical rainbows in the sky we believe will take us to the chaos relics.”


“However lord Abbadon we are worried we will not be able approach them without being attacked by four huffed xenos.”

“Very well, I shall accompany you then.”

“Forgive my disrespect sir but what about our forces engaging the xenos here?”

“They’re fine on their own for now, after all it’s not like the Imperial Guard will come being led by someone as competent as say Governor Militant Vance Stubbs is in this system or something of that nature right? Even if it were who ever heard of something as Baneblade being able to take on a squad of Terrminators?”

“I suppose you’re brilliant genius is right lord Abbadon.”

 Anyway, if I accompany you perhaps I may gain enough experience and favor from the Ruinous Powers to gain a new level. Allowing me learn a new move, provided I forget one of my older moves first.”

“I beg your pardon sir?”

“Silence! You have heard my orders, now prepare the Thunderhawk and make sure my personal daemonic machine instrument player relic is onboard!”

“As you command.”

Abbadon accompanied his cabal of sorceress, (which he now would like to remind you now that he indeed does possess) to the magical floating Angel Island.  Abbadon who was not equipped with jump jets on the back of his all-powerful Terminator Armor ordered his Thunderhawk transports to pick him up while he road in the back and partook in listing in the most heretical of dubstep.

On the way to the Island Abbadon and his Thunderhawk were intercepted by the pony xenos. Luckily a squad of the Black Legion’s Hell Talons were in the region. The Thunderhawk pilot called for support and soon the sky was filled with a grand battle between heretic and xeno alike. The Black Legion’s squadron was able to clear a path through the herde of flying ponies allowing the Thunderhawk to brake free and proceed towards the island unhindered.

Eventually Abbadon’s Thunderhawk landed on the mystical floating sanctum without too much issue, (despite the fact that a vast amount of his Hell Talons were destroyed that is). As the brilliant mastermind offloaded he proceeded to order his men to walk in the grass intentionally instead of unleashing their canisters of Repel they purchased at the last Pokemart. Abbadon was sure that he could make it through the forest without encountering too much of a resistance. Using the superior stealth abilities of the Chaos Terminator’s armor Abbadon and his bodyguard of Terminators,(followed by his cadre of sorcerers which were utilizing tactical espionage METAL BAWKSE technology to remain concealed under) he was almost able to evade detection. Unfortunately Abbadon himself came up against a rarity that was a Zigzagoon what learned paralyzes. Before one of Abbadon’s bodyguards were able to slay the beast the creature used his paralyze attack to strike at Abbadon. Sadly the force of the attack was so powerful that Abbadon’s arms literally fell off.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” lord Abbadon yield out as strange background music played.

“My lord you are injured! Quick we need to get you back to the nearest Poke center and...”

“Silence you whelp! We must press onward. If we collect all 7 of the Chaos Relics we can just wish my arms back by summing a mighty giant floating dragon or something of that nature.”

“Of course my lord, brilliant!”

“As am I always?”

Abbadon soon pressed onward as his men were in shock and awe of his bravery and perseverance. While he advanced in front two of his terminator bodyguard carried his befallen limbs with them in case they would be able to somehow glue them back together unto their magnificent leader.

Eventually Abbadon and his party were able to approach a group of mystical ruins that filled the air with the smell of sorcery. Abbadon ordered one of his most favored and intelligent sorcerer, Neroth to accompany his side as they advance deep into the ruins.  Eventually the group came upon a temple with a substantially large glowing green emerald perched upon it.

“Is this one of the Chaos Relicss that we seek?” Abbadon asked Neroth.

“I do believe so my lord, you know my skills of deducting are very sound indeed” Neroth said.

“I know, that is why I keep you in my cadre of sorceress. Which I am proud to announce that I possess.”

“Indeed my lord”

“Actually that’s the Master Emerald”

Abbadon looked behind him to see a small red Mikey Mouse like cartoon creature staring at his towering magnificence”

“The master Emerald is the most powerful of all the Chaos Emeralds.”

“You don’t say” Abbadon said as he gave a eerie smile to the red creature with gloves on.

“Who are you clowns anyway?” the red porcupine like animal man asked.

“I am Abbadon the Despoiler! Warmaster of the dreaded Black Legion, the most prized sons of Horus! I am the mighty conquer or worlds! I am the scourge of the Imperium of Man!”

“Riiiiiiiight” the small creature with spiked ends on his knuckles replied.

“And what might you be tiny lowly vermin?”

“My name is Knuckles the Echidna! I am guardian of the Master Emerald and Angle Island. I am the last of the great Knuckles clan.”

“I see, so you guard this relic?”

“The Emerald? Yes.”

“As in just yourself? Not legions of tech priest, inquisitors, or perhaps Space Marines?”

“No, I don’t even know what those are. It’s just me pal, I’m sworn to pro-“

Just then Abbadon nodded to Neroth. The Chaos sorcerer launched a barrage of doombolts at the echidna. The echidna was completely taken off guard by the long range mystical attack, launching him high up into the sky until a small shining glimmer was seen and a strange chiming noise was heard.

“Well that was easy.”

“I do believe the locals call it a one hit KO my lord.”

“Well I call it an easy victory” the warmaster replied to as his face grinned with a fiendish smile.

“Now all we have to do is load this relic onboard the Thunderhawk and send it back to the Warp to be used by its proper owners, the Dark Gods!”

Eventually Abbadon started to cacker out loud until full blown laughter was heard. This is turn was followed by Neroth and the rest of Ababdon’s Terminator guard and his ever present cadre of sorcerer’s. This lasted several minutes until Abbadon got bored then he ordered them to cease. Already Abbadon had the master Emerald in his clutches, (metaphorically as his men were also carrying his disembodied clutches with them.) Abbadon had just earned himself an easy victory, almost a too easy victory.

RecklessCharge Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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Darkminster Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
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RecklessCharge Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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Darkminster Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Professional General Artist
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Auralphawolf Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
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Thanks for fave my battle brother. May the Khorne bless you his blood from skull cup :kharn: 
Darkminster Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Professional General Artist
Yeah it is  the same thing with Darklord (not that much now) when I had him anywhere a lot people loved only him, which is why I do also jump band wagons from time to time and try out new characters.
Darkminster Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
Not a problem, I can't wait for Mr Darkwood's return
lobo297 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
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Now i can make another story with glorius Dark Lord Plank :D
RecklessCharge Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah that would definitely help lol. I used to draw soo much, I need to experiment with new stuff for sure. I guess though since Jess had become kinda popular I just felt like that's what most our watchers were wanting to see. Imma take baby steps an keep doing little things here an there til I get out of my comfort zone. :3
Darkminster Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
And this is why it is a good thing to have mutable characters, not to the point of "Oh Dark Gawds Why!?" but enough peeps that are interesting enough to expand on.

Which is why I sometimes move away from the Alfa Legion to do something else, only then to come back because well I know a lot of peeps now. Also Most of my work is pretty much mostly 40K stuff now.
RecklessCharge Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
R: Habit I guess? I'd done the same thing for so long I stopped trying to do anything else heh
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